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Apollo Servicing & Support Center

Apollo Servicing & Support Center

What types of repairs can Certified Shops do?

We separate our repairs into Level 1 and Level 2 repairs. The type of Certified Shop you can take your Apollo Scooter to will determine which types of repairs can be done.

The level of repairs will be clearly indicated on the Service Locator and Repair Booking Form.


These are repairs that typically do not require diagnosis and can be completed using the Spare Part assemblies.

If you know what repair you need, you can feel confident booking a repair with a Level 1 partner. You can also reach out to our team through Video Chat or by Submitting a Support Ticket below so we can assist you with diagnosis before you book an appointment at a Level 1 Certified Shop.

To book with a Level 1 parter, the next step is to fill out the Repair Request Form below.


These are repairs that might require diagnosis or are more complex.

Level 2 Certified Shops are those which are specialized in e-scooter repair and have all the necessary tools required for more complex repairs.

Level 2 Certified Shops are able to perform diagnostics on Apollo Scooters to determine the issue.

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