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Apollo Servicing & Support Center

Apollo Servicing & Support Center

Did I receive a Phantom V3 or V4?

We understand there might be some confusion regarding whether you received a Phantom V3 or a V4 model.

Model Identification: The scooter you received is the latest Phantom V4 model. We are in the process of updating our QC cards and serial numbers to better reflect this. Please accept our apologies for any confusion caused by these transitional updates.

Throttle Information: Regarding the V8 throttles, they are a feature planned for future updates and are not yet implemented in the Phantom V4. We apologize for any misunderstanding and appreciate your patience as we update our product descriptions to be more accurate.

Documentation Consistency: The documentation for both V3 and V4 models is similar due to only slight enhancements in the V4. Rest assured, the internal documentation will be updated gradually. Your understanding is greatly appreciated as we make these changes to improve clarity and accuracy.

The Apollo Phantom V4 has been upgraded to include a new motor casing and an upgraded steering column- please see below.

CAD Orders: All current pre-orders will receive a V4 branded scooter.
USA Order: On all orders placed end of June-onwards.

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