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Apollo Servicing & Support Center

Apollo Servicing & Support Center

How can I see what's currently in stock?

It's essential to determine whether an item is in stock before making a purchase. This guide will demonstrate how to check the availability of a specific item.

For Scooters: Verify the Shipping Date

To determine whether a scooter is currently in stock, look for the "(In-stock)" indication on its product page. If a scooter is unavailable, it will be labeled as "Sold Out." For units available for Pre-Order, check the expected shipping date provided in brackets.

For items other than scooters:

To verify the availability of accessories, spare parts, upgrade kits, and merchandise, observe the purchase button. If the item is in stock, the purchase button will be active. If the accessory is currently unavailable, the purchase button will reflect its status as “Sold Out”

How to Receive Notifications When an Item is Back in Stock or Available for Preorder:

If an item is currently out of stock, you have the option to subscribe to an email notification. This feature will keep you informed when the item is back in stock or available for preorder. Simply click on "Notify when available or for pre-order," enter your email address, click on "Notify Me," and voila! We'll ensure you receive an update once available.

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