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Apollo QC+ Claim

Apollo QC+ Service Claim

The next step is to fill out our Apollo QC+ Service Claim Form below.

Once this form is completed, our team will review your claim and get back to you within 24-48 hours via email.

If you are not sure which component is defective, click "other" and our team will help you diagnose the issue in our response.

Please refer to our whole Apollo QC+ Service Policy below

Note: You are only covered under Apollo QC+ Service if you face a manufacturing defect within the first 10km or 30 days.

If you purchased your scooter after October 2020, you should have a unique identifying serial number for your scooter.

Most scooters should have the serial number printed on the bottom of the deck of the scooter, as shown here:

You can also find it printed on the box:

How Do I Read the Serial Number?

The serial number for this specific scooter is City2101101 with "City" being the model of the scooter. Other scooters will have their model number printed accordingly. The serial may then include a product variant identifier like H or 60V. The next 4 digits, 2101, are the production date code. The first 2 digits are the year produced and the next 2 digits indicate the production month.

The remaining digits at the end of the serial number string are the unique unit identifiers.

There is a QC card that comes attached to every Apollo scooter. It can be found hanging on the handlebar as shown below.

The QC card shows some of the most important items included in the final Apollo QC checklist and the inspector's information so that we can follow up if there are any issues.

For a full walkthrough of our QC process, check out this video:

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