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Apollo Servicing & Support Center

Apollo Servicing & Support Center

What is covered by your extended warranty?

As of April 12th, 2023 we are now offering Extend extended warranty for our electric scooters in the US.

We are working on launching an extended warranty product in Canada soon - stay tuned!

For the first 12 months after your purchase, Apollo's 12-Month Limited Warranty will continue to cover you for all manufacturing defects.

But, if you purchase Extend extended warranty with your scooter, you will also be covered for some additional items including flat tires, water damage, and accidental damage.

If you select the 2 year option, you will continue to be covered by Extend for all items included in our 12-Month Limited Warranty for an additional year.

Full outline of what is covered by Extend:

  • Water damage causing mechanical or electrical failure

  • Accidents
    i.e. running into a curb, crashing into a tree

  • Battery failure

  • Electrical or mechanical failure

  • Flat tires & wheels - up to 3 repairs

  • Recurring error codes or connectivity issues with the Apollo App

  • All components covered in Apollo's 12-Month Limited Warranty (in the 2nd year only)

  • Water damage causing battery failure

  • Accidents with vehicles

  • Battery degradation

  • Damage from rust

  • Wear and tear

To purchase Extend, simply add the item to your cart during checkout and select a 1 year or 2 year coverage option.

**If you purchased a scooter within the last 90 days and would like to add Extend to your scooter, email our team and we will be happy to help! **

Important: Apollo's Extended warranty does not apply to OB Scooters.

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