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Apollo Servicing & Support Center

Apollo Servicing & Support Center

Why can't I find the individual parts I need?

Our approach to providing spare parts support for our products has changed. As of August 2023, we no longer offer individual spare parts for purchase. Instead, we now focus on providing spare part assemblies. These are groups of spare parts that are typically needed together for various repair and maintenance tasks. This new approach simplifies the process of ordering and carrying out repairs on our scooters, and it also improves repair timelines, helping you get back on the road faster.

This change applies to the following newer models:

  • Apollo Air 2022/2023

  • Apollo Pro 2023

  • Apollo City 2023

  • Apollo Phantom 2023

To assist you in finding the spare parts you need for your Apollo City/Air scooter, we've introduced a convenient Parts Selector Tool. Currently, this tool is only available for the Air 2022, City 2023, and Air 2023 models. However, we plan to launch this for Phantom and Pro models in early 2024.

You can access the Apollo Parts Selector here. To use it, simply select your scooter model and then the part you're looking for. The available parts or assembly options for purchase will then appear, and you can add them directly to your cart. It's as straightforward as that!

If you need further assistance, please feel free to initiate a chat using the option provided below.

For customers with older legacy models, we will still do our best to get you the individual parts that you need, but we will not be able to provide a guarantee that individual parts will be available in stock or accessible.

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