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Apollo Servicing & Support Center

Apollo Servicing & Support Center

Where can I get spare parts if I purchased from a wholesaler or retailer?

If you purchased your Apollo electric scooter from Apollo Scooters Canada or Apollo Scooters USA, please use the website to browse the spare parts

If you need help finding the parts you need, you can use our new Parts Selector tool!

For customers who purchased from a retailer (Best Buy for example), or outside of the US/CAD from a wholesaler, it’s important to understand the following:

Our authorised wholesalers are responsible for purchasing their scooters, spare parts and accessories. Apollo will always recommend, when a wholesale order is purchased, a % allocation of spare parts for that order to ensure customers have access to spare parts. It is the wholesalers choice to follow this % allocation, or choose differently. If a wholesaler is out of stock on their spare parts, they should have placed an order in advance to ensure they have the stock, in which Apollo will fulfil those.

Spare Parts out of Stock:
If your wholesaler doesn’t have the part that you need, there are certain scenarios to consider. If under warranty, only the wholesaler is responsible to get the spare part and any delays on these is due to the wholesalers purchasing schedule. If not under warranty, the customer can buy the part directly from website, however there will be an air shipping charge seeing as this will be coming from Canada or the US (this is fully the customers choice).

Just to reiterate, if a scooter is purchased from a wholesaler or retailer, they are responsible for your warranty and parts, not Apollo. We will do our best to accommodate, but parts allocation and warranty is part of our authorised wholesalers responsibility.

Please feel free to start a Live Chat below if you have any further questions!

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