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Apollo Servicing & Support Center

Apollo Servicing & Support Center

Standard Advanced Settings (P-Settings) for each Apollo Scooter

T​hese are the standard P-Settings which should not be changed. The rest of the settings can be changed based on the customers' preferences.

A​pollo City4​8V8​.52​83​9V
A​pollo Explore5​2V1​02​84​2V
A​pollo Pro 52V5​2V1​02​84​2V
A​pollo Pro 60V6​0V1​02​84​8V
A​pollo Ghost5​2V1​02​84​2V
A​pollo Phantom 52V5​2V1​02​84​2V
A​pollo Phantom 60V6​0V1​02​84​8V

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