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What is the 3% Payment Processor Fee?

The 3% Payment Processor Fee is a charge incurred each time we accept a credit card payment. Stripe, our payment gateway, imposes this fee on all Shopify merchants using Shopify’s payment systems. Apollo covers this non-refundable fee on behalf of the customer when an order is placed, meaning customers are not charged this fee during purchases. However, if an order is canceled, the 3% fee is deducted from the total refund amount, as it is non-refundable.

Example: How Payment Processor Fees Work

  1. A customer places an order for $1000 via a credit card on the Apollo website. Apollo will receive $970 after the payment has been cleared, and Stripe will receive $30 for facilitating the transaction as their payment processing fee.

  2. When a customer cancels and is eligible for a full refund on the order, Apollo will refund $970 back to the customer as this is the full amount that we have received for this transaction. The $30 fee paid to Stripe is not included in the refund.

You can view the entire Return & Cancellation policy below

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