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Apollo Servicing & Support Center

Apollo Servicing & Support Center

Open Box & Refurbished Models

At Apollo, our commitment is to offer customers a diverse range of options, accommodating various preferences and budgets. Throughout the purchasing process, on the product page, you'll encounter various versions of the scooter available for selection, including Like-New, lightly used, or Used (Minor Cosmetic Damage). We're here to provide guidance on the meanings of these terms and how they might perfectly align with your specific needs. As shown in the photo below:

Open-Box Scooters:

Open-box scooters are scooters that have been returned by customers. Please rest assured that our dedicated team thoroughly examines each open-box unit to guarantee its proper working condition. These scooters usually have less than 1 kilometer of mileage or none at all.

Refurbished Scooters:

Refurbished scooters are units with less than 100 kilometres of mileage. Our skilled tech team conducts a comprehensive inspection to ensure these scooters meet high standards of quality and performance before being made available for resale.

Applying discounts to Open Box/Refurbished Scooters:

An open-box purchase is already considered a discounted offer on its own. Therefore, it cannot be combined with additional coupon codes, discounts, or free accessory coupon codes in the same transaction.

Apollo offers a different warranty coverage period on Open Box and Refurbished models to ensure that we are able to provide spare parts for repair on our legacy models.

Refer to the product page for confirmation of the warranty period for that specific scooter unit.

The warranty that is offered on these models is as follows:

A THREE (3) MONTH warranty on Discontinued and Refurbished (Open Box) scooter
models offered for sale and purchased directly from Apollo Scooters for reasonable
use of the scooter against defects in material or workmanship on all original components
of the scooter, except for the scooter frame, from the date of delivery

This only applies to Legacy and Discontinued models.

  • New - A new unit purchased from the Apollo website. Currently this includes all 2023 models.

  • Current - An unit purchased as an OB, but the unit is still a current model that is listed on the Apollo website. Currently this includes all 2023 models. If they are resold as OBs after return, they are considered Current.

  • Legacy - A unit purchased as an OB that is from a previous year. Currently this includes 2022 models for which we are still carrying the 2023 models. For example, the City 2022 (we have the 2023 listed as New)

  • Discontinued - A unit purchased as an OB where we no longer carry the model. For example, the Apollo Ghost.

For example:

  • An Apollo City 2023 is sold on November 18th and returned on November 25th. This unit is categorized as a "Like New" after inspection. When someone purchases this OB, the unit will come with the standard 12 Month Limited Warranty.

  • An Apollo City 2022 that is categorized as "Lightly Used" is sold on November 18th. Since this unit is a Legacy model, it will come with a reduced 3 month warranty.

  • An Apollo Ghost that is categorized as an "Like New" is sold on November 18th. Since the Ghost is discontinued, this unit will come with a reduced 3 month warranty

This 3 month warranty covers all components that are outlined in the standard 12 Month Limited Warranty.

For the full terms & conditions, you can access our General Terms & Conditions here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to start a Live Chat below.

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