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Apollo Servicing & Support Center

Apollo Servicing & Support Center

How do I refer a friend for Amps (points)?

To make a referral, you must have an active account. If you do not have an active active, please create one here.

Once logged in, you can either copy the unique link & share it with your friends directly, or share it via whats app, Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Note: The individual who is referring is not required to have made a previous purchase to collect points.

The coupon code sent to the individual who is purchasing a scooter is $100 off any scooter, while the individual referring gains 5,000 Apollo Points to use in any of the rewards of their choosing.

The individual making the referral will earn the points once their friend COMPLETES their purchase. Once their friend completes the purchase, the points will be awarded within 3 business days.

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