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Apollo Servicing & Support Center

Apollo Servicing & Support Center

How do I earn Amps (points) by riding my Apollo scooter?

1. Link your Shopify account with your Apollo App account:

Settings -> Personal Information -> Connect Account

a. Choose between creating a Shopify account or linking an existing account:

Important: Clicking on "No, Create an Account" will open the browser to the Shopify registration page or depending on the user country.

From there you will be able to create a Shopify account and then go back to the application and click "Yes, Merge my Account".

b. Enter your Shopify account email:

c. If the Shopify account exists, it will link and you should be able to see how many Amps you have:

2. Record a ride that is more than 1 mile, once the ride has come to an end, you will get a notification within the Apollo app notifying you how many Amps you have earned.

1 AMP = 1 mile

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