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Can electric scooters get wet?

You may be wondering if running through a puddle or riding in the rain may ruin a brand new scooter. Well, the truth is it depends on your scooter. But rest assured, all Apollo Scooters are IP certified- so yes, your scooter is safe from water damage*.

The IEC ( International Electrotechnical Commission) introduced IP ratings to evaluate the effectiveness of electrical enclosures in resisting dust and liquid intrusion. This standardized framework introduced clarity and reliability by defining the required tests for verifying compliance.

The IP code is composed of 2 numerals:

The first numeral refers to the protections against solid objects and is rated on a scale from 0-6.

The second numeral rates the enclosures protection against liquids. In this case, the scale begins at 0 ( meaning no protection) and goes all the way up to 9.

There is no unique answer, it really depends on how you use your scooter. However, we believe that a scooter must have a minimum IP56 rating to ensure you have an extraordinary and worry free journey.

Every scooter in our lineup boasts a minimum IP56 rating for water-resistance, with the Apollo Phantom having the lowest IP rating at IP56.

The rest of our lineup features an impressive IP66 rating, ensuring they are dust tight and safe guarded against water jets.

Find out about the IP rating and other certifications in our compare scooters page.

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